Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going Back into the Fray

Recently my sister called me while she was shopping in our favorite LNS in her home town to tell me about all the Christmas kits on sale there. I wound up having her get me several new I need more things to do (or to pretend that I will do). ;)

That got me to thinking about how much stuff I have in my stash and how many unfinished projects there may be, so I headed into the fray (so to speak) to see where things stood. One of the first things I found was a little project I'd started on 20 or more years ago...a little 2-piece dragon set I wanted to make for my DH. I finished and framed one part, and that little guy has hung in our bedroom (no matter where we've lived) all that time. But the second little guy just never got done. I looked him over and realized that I could finish him up rather quickly, so I set aside my current big project and went back to work on the little dragon.
I completed him last night and am awaiting the little frame I ordered for him. Once framed, he will hang on the bedroom wall with his partner piece, home at last after all this time.

Now I need to wade back into that stash fray and see what else may be awaiting a finish. ;)

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