Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wow...I Actually Finished It!

I've been working on this piece since September 29, 2011, and today I finished it!!! It is a National Parks kit of the Teton Cathedral Group (8 5/8" x 12"). I used all the included DMC colors, but I did all the wildflowers in beads. I will frame it as soon as I figure out mat colors, frame color/style, etc. I am soooooo glad to be done with this!
I think my next project might be something small...very, very small.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful stitching.

  2. Beautiful work this is quite an accomplishment. I do some large projects but I find the small ones are fun and I will give them as gifts.

  3. Hello

    Just joined your blog.

    Congratulations on finishing such a beautiful piece!