Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bigger Picture

Back in September, I spent five weeks with my mother helping her after she had shoulder replacement surgery. Since I had a little free time on my hands during those five weeks, I decided to start on a cross-stitch project I had purchased last summer during vacation. It is bigger than anything else, cross-stitch-wise, I've never done. I find myself working on it for long stretches of time, then drifting off to other, smaller, projects for a while, then back....it will likely take me the rest of this year (if not longer) to get it done, but I do enjoy working on it. Cheri Fulmer, the artist for this kit (and several others in the National Park series), has you use 4 strands of floss to give the finish product more richness and a bit of a "needlepoint" look. I'm doing this on 14-county Aida and the finished size will be 8.75 x 12 inches.

When this is finished, it will be a gorgeous rendition of The Cathedral Group in Teton National Park. I am deviating from the chart a bit in colors, and I plan to add beading to the wildflowers that will fill the bottom of the piece.

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