Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Love To Color

I love to color...still have coloring books and crayons around the house. But nowadays I color with thread more than crayons. I love to do needlework...used to do a little needlepoint and a bit of crewel back in the day, but my vice of choice now is cross-stitch. I started cross-stitching in earnest last year when I decided it was time to stop filling my "spare" time with eating. Now when I park my ample hinny in the living room to watch TV, I pick up a stitching project, rather than a bag of chips. I have done a lot of projects in the past year, and have even more waiting for me this year, all kits and books from awesome cross-stitch artists. It is my hope, and plan, to eventually try my hand at designing my own projects based on my photographs.

This blog is my way of sharing my cross-stitch projects, and of creating a record of what I've done for myself as well.

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